First Impressions start here!

Business is about first impressions and on-going interactions. Your office systems, and employees’ appearance, attitude and behaviour are direct reflections of your company.

The Professional Office

We will organise your office and put systems in place to help you with administration that is efficient. Did you know that a professional office and efficient office systems will help you secure the funding you need?

How do your employees measure up?

Through their actions, words and attitudes, your employees establish the professionalism and quality of your company with every person they meet. Whether a receptionist, a salesperson, or a customer service representative, your employees create your customers’ experiences and drive their decisions to bring you repeat business… or to run to the door of your competitor.

The Etiquette Essentials:

We’ll provide employees with the fundamentals for notable first impressions – how to look, act, and be their best in any professional situation. From handshakes, introductions, and telephone etiquette, to body language, gestures and the impact of words, participants will learn the immeasurable value of image and etiquette in business. This etiquette session will transform your employees into a team of skilled professionals promoting your company with precision and style.

Workplace Etiquette:

We’ll complete your team’s image training with vital business etiquette know-how – for professional excellence in the office and beyond. With an understanding of office courtesy, technology protocol, meeting manners in and out of the office, and the principles of business travel, your employees will possess the tools they need to support your corporate image from the inside out. Discover how business etiquette training from etiquette expert Mariaan Cronje can work for you!

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